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Think you're related?
This is a great place to explore the possibility and look for ancestors. If you're related to any of these folks, or have a hunch you might be, we'd love to hear from you ~ whether you can make it to the reunion or not! Just go to the 'Contact Us' page and send a note.

Samuel W. & Sarah Ann (Young) Metzger
Jake and Gertrude "Gerty" (Shattuck) 
Willa May & Martin Grass & Dan Griggs
Walter Ray & Mildred (Mitchell)
Evelyn & Roy Burton
Mabel & Bill Ferris

Harve & Lulu (Dixon)
Quinn & Nan Jane (Anderson)

George W & Harriett L (Green)
Lewis C & Anna Naomi (Noland)
Sarah Ota & Andrew Jelinski
Rosabel Lauretta & Alfred West

Rosa Belle & H. E. "Ford" Metzger
Isabelle Vineta & Harold Kern
Bonita June & Phil Cloniger
Delbert J "Deb" & Ruth (Matteson)

Benjamin Franklin Rollins

Henry & Clementine (Beers) Metzger
Frank & Josie (Hoagland)
Thelma Irene [Bean] [DeCosta]
Elsie Maud [Means]
Mildred [DeGroot]

A.W. "Bert" & Eva (Beers)
June [Kinney]
A. W. "Bud"

Pearl & Joseph Exley
Helen [Horne]
Joseph Jr.
Margaret [Stabler]
Robert "Bob"

Elsie & Ike Myers
Roberta Joyce [Caul] [DelSol]

Daniel W. & Emma Jane (Beers) Metzger
Priscilla [Toepelman]

Lewis Cass & Sarah (Beers) Metzger
Lewis Wallace
Elmer R
Genevieve "Jennie" [Oswald]

John H. & Nellie (Winters) Metzger
Floyd Sanford

John E. and Lizzie (Hite) Underwood
Grace Alberta & Clifton Bryan Peterson
Clarence John "Bud"

Clara Myrtle Underwood & Charles A Ogden
Hazel Louise & James M Hite
Willard Chester "Bud"
Clara Myrtle Underwood & Arthur Malcom Nichols
Mildred A & Roy V Mofford
Howard A

Eli W & Margaret (Miner Jones) Metzger
Violette Eugenia
"Ford" E. H. & Rosa Belle (Metzger)
Delbert Evener

James W & Hester A Lawrence
Lena M
Bertha GRACE [Page]
Donald Page

Other Metzgers with Oregon Connections:

Eli & Harriet (Stout) Metzger 
Barbara & Jess Kean

Adam Metzger (brother of John Metzger; uncle of John; great uncle of our Henry)
Cynthia Duhamel

Jesse E & Elsie Josephine (Harding) Metzger

(Did we miss your family? Tell us! Go to the contact page, send a note and we'll add them to this list)

~ Metzger Genealogy ~

Our Metzger line descends from Jacob Metzger, born 10 January 1746 in Steinenbronn, Wuerttemberg, Germany. In 1749, at age 2, he sailed to America on the Chesterfield with his parents Johann Jacob and Barbara (Dast) Metzger. Jacob was one of a few children who survived a smallpox outbreak during the voyage. About 1768, he married Mary in Pennsylvania and together they had 10 children: Jacob, Henry, Conrad, George, John, Sarah, Catherine, Mary, Leonard, Rose. He served in the Revolutionary War and lived a very full life to age 89.

Cousins Joy Kimsey and Koleen Ridel have done wonderful work researching our Metzger lineage. The links below will take you to a few branches of our Metzger family tree on RootsWeb. Bookmark this site before you click on the links below. There are over 9600 cousins in the database -- don't get lost!

Jacob Metzger b: 10 JAN 1747 in Steinenbronn Wuerttemberg Germany

Oregon connections:

Samuel W. Metzger b: 4 APR 1838 in Pickaway Co., Ohio
James W. Lawrence b: 16 SEP 1857 in Sangamon Co., Illinois
John Metzger b: 31 JAN 1823 in Circleville Pickaway Co., Ohio
Eli W. Metzger b: 28 JUN 1844 in Pickaway Co., Ohio
"Ford" Hanford Emmett Metzger b: 5 JUN 1872 in Topeka, Shawnee Co., Kansas
Louisa Metzger b: 7 NOV 1846 in Pickaway Co., Ohio
Henry Metzger b: 21 JUN 1849 in Pickaway Co., Ohio
John H. Metzger b: 19 DEC 1852 in Sangamon Co., Ilinois
Daniel Webster Metzger b: 19 JAN 1855 in Sangamon Co., Illinois
Lewis Cass Metzger b: 14 JAN 1858 in Sangamon Co., Illinois
Jesse E. Metzger b: 11 MAY 1886 in Jefferson Co., Kansas

~ Beers Genealogy ~

Our Beers family descends from Alexander Beers, and his 2 wives, Margaret Jane Sargent and Ann Eliza Bryan. Alexander was born 26 December 1805 in Pennsylvania and died 23 August 1870 in Noble Co., Indiana. His first wife, Margaret Jane Sargent, was born about 1810 and died about 1841 in Ohio, probably in Champaign or Shelby county. Second wife Ann Eliza Bryan was born 14 August 1818 in Shelby Co., Ohio and died 10 March 1890 in Noble Co., Indiana. Alexander and Margaret Jane's son, Ezekiel, brought his family to Oregon with the Metzger's.

Alexander Beers b: 26 DEC 1805 in Pennsylvania
Margaret Jane Sargent b: ABT 1810
Ann Eliza Bryan b: 14 AUG 1818 in Shelby Co, Ohio
Ezekiel Beers b: 10 MAR 1830 in Shelby Co, Ohio