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Metzger Family Reunion
Gresham Main City Park
August 23, 2008


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Hi All You Metzgers!
Well, we did it, and I think it was a success!  About 70 members of the Metzger family spent the afternoon of August 23 at Main City Park in Gresham.  We were very fortunate to have a warm (hot?) and sunny day.  Both the days before and after the reunion were cold and rainly, so we felt especially lucky. 
The most enjoyable activity of the day was visiting with all our cousins, aunts and uncles.   Such a pleasure to catch up on family events and reminisce about past experiences and events.  Such a pleasure to meet "new to us" family members.
Our cousin, Maryann Metzger Burgess, made great name tags that not only identified each individual, but also included his/her position on the family tree.  The name tags were especially helpful, since some of us had not seen others in many years, and in some cases, had never met before.  Also, Maryann brought a video tape that was a compilation of many old family 8mm movies.  It was a fascinating look back at the 40s and  50s.  Thanks Maryann.
Our cousins, Joyce and Jim West, cooked the 70+ burgers, and it was a hot and smoky job.  Jim also took the Official Metzger Reunion Photograph.  Thanks Joyce and Jim!
Our cousin, Shirley DeGroot Oliver, compiled cookbooks with recipes contributed by various members of the family.  Shirley included several special features in the books such as pictures and family stories and poems.  The cover was designed by Shirley's granddaughter, Sarah Oliver.  Shirley also purchased all the prizes for the Metzger Family Awards Ceremony. Thanks Shirley
Our cousin Sandi Metzger did several amazing things!  She created the family website:;  and she also created a detailed and outstanding family tree which generated a lot of interest as people found their places.  Also, Sandi did the vast majority of the shopping, which was a HUGE job!  Many thanks, Sandi
A number of others helped get this show on the road:  Uncle Tom Metzger allowed us to store purchases at his house and he arranged to have Gresham history books to be available for purchase.  Cousin Carol Metzger Vasbinder helped transport balloons and arrived early to help set up.  Cousin Rick Metzger arrived early to help set up, and he was the official filler of water balloons.  Christina Christensen and Hannah brought the croquet set.  Tim McGrath agreed to organize the water balloon toss.
My husband, Doug Batey, put up the schedule of events, The Metzger Family Reunion 2008 banner, and the balloons.  Rick aided Doug in these endeavors.  Thanks Doug and Rick.

It seems to me that we Metzgers are lucky to have so many helpful, cheerful, and interesting family members.  Many helped set up the tables, organize the food, and clean up when we were through.  Thanks to all of you!
Oldest person in attendance - Genevieve Metzger Wahlman (90+)
Youngest person in attendance - Marie Stone (2)
Longest married couple (58, almost 59 years) Dru and Bob Totman
Newest wedded couple (8 mos, married Dec 26, 2007) Sandi Metzger & Rick McMillen
Person(s) with the most grandchildren- Shirley & Don Oliver (10)
Person(s) with the most great grandchildren- Shirley & Don Oliver (16)
Person(s)with the most great-great grandchildren-Genevieve Metzger Wahlman (2)
Persons who traveled the farthest - Lori Enders (Zimbabwe); followed by
Mary Metzger (Beirut, Lebanon)
David and Sandy Metzger (Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas)
Mike Patti (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Marsha McVey, Nicole McVey, Marcus Enders, John Enders (Arizona)
Dru and Bob Totman, and Chuck and Janet Totman (Southern California)
Judy Totman Parrish-Jones (Idaho)
Head of family with most members in attendance - Genevieve Metzger Wahlman (16)
Door prize?????(Can someone help me with this?)
Winner of Bean Counting Contest - Judy Totman Parrish-Jones
Click on the following link to access pictures taken at the reunion.  You can download the entire album or individual pictures for free if you wish.  You can also order prints, but there is a fee for that.
OK, I think I have rambled on long enough.  Stay in touch,