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Descendants of the Gresham area Metzger families are having a family reunion.

Who are we?

It all began in 1874 when brothers John H. and Dan W. Metzger came to Oregon and settled in what was then known as Powell's Valley; modern day Gresham. They did very well and sent the good word to family they'd left behind in Kansas.

In early 1878, the Metzger migration began in earnest. They traveled by train to San Francisco, then by ship to Portland. John H. and Dan's parents, John and Margaret Metzger, followed with their adult children Margaret, Lewis C., and Henry, with his wife Clementine and infant son Will; John's brother Sam W., wife Sarah and their children, Harve, Jake, George, Minnie and Rose, nephews James and Frank Lawrence; plus Clementine's 9 siblings and parents, Ezekiel and Drusilla Jane Beers all joined the migration west.

Our families have thrived in the 134 years since the original 30 Metzger and Beers men, women and children made their way together, to Oregon.

It's time to reconnect.
It's time to celebrate!